Trifecta’s Love Gone Wrong: Dog Days

First of all I apologize for not writing lately, it was mostly due to sickness. Second of all, this is for Trifecta.


Trifecta’s Love Gone Wrong:

Dog Days

 Before me, deep in the basement,

a dog.

My dog.

Eating the cat’s “scooby snacks”

in the litter box before us.

For this one, this little endeavor,

the bow truly must have backfired.


Image and Posing credit to Rosie.
Yes the scooby eater.



Hi everyone S(t)ri nominated me for this award. I am very grateful to her, as it is my second week of blogging here on The Scribe Weekly.
This is her amazing blog:
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My nomination is Trifecta Writing Challenge, for they bring writers together and shape their blogs.

I think good and compassionate leaders formulate the world and sculpt it.

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Hi Folks,

Today is a very happy day. As usual, like every other Thursday morning I open my WordPress Blog to see that my blog is nominated ‘WORKING TO CHANGE THE WORLD’ BLOGGING AWARD by a fellow blogger, a keen follower, an excellent critic, and an wonderful human Vishal Bheeroo who blogs in ( and he contributes a lot to the betterment of society through his posts (he blogs about various aspects and things that induce a change in the minds of his readers) and it’s so humble on his part to think that I am contributing to something to make the world a better place to live. Thanks a ton Vishal.

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