The Prophecy of Araknael

Hi all this is a fantasy piece for One Minute Writer, I got a little carried away, so expect more like this.

The Tomes of The Ancient World

The Prophecy of Araknael

Eryon’s thoughts swirled around in his head. It was over. All that he had strove for his entire life (4,000 long and painful years) was gone.

 Darkness had infiltrated Light until it was covered by it, contaminated by it, until the Darkness had completely overcome Light, until the forces of the world were no longer matched, until all good things in the universe were dead.

 Eryon knew he was the last one left. He knew that Yalaho’ff would stop at nothing to get his way. Not even to murder his elder brother in cold blood.

 Eryon and his sibling had been prodigies of the magical earth since birth, and they would remain so until death. The prophecy had foretold of this, The Prophecy of Araknael…

In The Beginning, the world was in darkness.

Two persons carrying extreme potential

would save the world.

Yet also, they would destroy it.

The world will be infiltrated by a whirlwind

of shadow and all will die terrible, cruel deaths.

Is this the end of the era,

or the birth of a new world?

We will discover

when thy world is dead.

When thy faith is destroyed.

When thy finds out who and what he is.

Only then will Thy King Come Forth.

Your wills will collide, and Sol Invictus will return.


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