The Cabinet

Hi everyone! This is for Trifecta Writing Challenge, I have to use the word quaint (in this case meaning odd), and the story must be between 33- 333 words.

The cabinet sat in a dingy room whose nooks and crannies were contaminated by dust.

The dual handles on either side of the cabinet’s doors curved downwards in a moon shape, two intense eyes, traumatized by what they have witnessed.

His wood sat neglected and unfinished, rougher than a bed of gravel and sand. Really, this quaint artifact is allowed to be traumatized, for he has witnessed the passing of many generations. Once, the cabinet was happy. It had awoken from slumber, unaware of anything. He was somewhere, a place that all cabinets should be, a place of rowdy critters, caring people, and the good kind of dust, the kind that clings to you like a gentle hug.

There was an aura in the air, almost like a secret that was about to be whispered to him.

There was one day that affected the cabinet’s soul. One of the living had collapsed on the floor. By now, the cabinet lived with the living for a while, and had seen the children age, and the parents grow old. So old until wrinkles covered their face, like jagged cracks in a rock; so old until their hair had turned white as snow. So old that they were dead.

The cabinet had sat there for many more generations, and many more generations to come. Generations of being covered in webbing, dirt, and the bad kind of dust.

There was another day however that will affect the cabinet. We travelers will wait to that day, enjoying the calming silence that envelopes you until it is not so calming. Until we are drowning.


Mommy!” Came the shrill voice of a young living. “Wow, what is this?”

The child strolled into the room in the abandoned house, where graffiti touched all but the cabinet.

I, I think that is… a cabinet? My, what an extraordinary and quaint piece of furniture!”

It was on this day that the cabinet again learned to be happy.



12 thoughts on “The Cabinet

  1. I loved this story. We are cleaning out an old business to sell the property. I am seeing old cabinets, now covered with dust, I have not seen for years. Once they were happy too.

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